Do not Carelessly Choose Cas Cables, Here’s How

Having an expensive smartphone without being accompanied by a good charger cable is a lie. The function of the charger cable is very important because you will always need this item every time you charge or charge the smartphone.

The meaning of the word good does not mean it has an attractive or colorful appearance but rather refers to its quality. Fabric Cable It is highly recommended in choosing a charger cable you should focus on quality rather than appearance.

The following provides several points to help you when choosing a charger cable. These tips and tricks you can save for use someday if the default charging cable from your smartphone has been damaged and have to buy a new charger cable.

1. Price Determines Quality

Twisted Fabric Cable Talking about quality is usually always accompanied by a high price. There is a way there is a price. Lots of charger cables are available at cheap prices, but what usually happens is that the product doesn’t have good quality. Usually within a short period of time the charger cable begins to have problems.

Characterized by sometimes the charger cable does not work when the position shifts. Round Fabric Cable Therefore, there is no harm in buying a charger cable with a rather expensive price, as long as the product is original and from a well-known brand. You can think of this as a long-term investment.

2. The size of the diameter or thickness is not decisive

There is an assumption that the thicker the diameter of the charger cable, the more durable. Though everything depends on the quality of the material used in coating or cable wrapping material.

Some of you have certainly found a charger cable that is thick but easily torn due to friction with tumupul objects such as the edge of a work desk or run over by an office chair wheel.

3. Pay attention to the coating material

As mentioned earlier, the coating is the outer protective layer of cable material. Visually there are several types of coatings that can be known as PVC rubber, synthetic leather, nylon, and Kevlar fiber.

It may be difficult for you to recognize it, but usually a good charger cable displays information on the coating material used on the packaging. Each type of coating usually affects the flexibility of the cable but provides more protection so it can last.

The coating must have a material that is not easily torn or broken and waterproof because this material must protect the cable inside. For those of you who are always considering external appearance or aesthetics, there are now many charger cables that have a coating layer with a variety of colors and patterns.

4. Additional features available

Some charger cables nowadays usually come with several features such as charging speed or fast charging as well as several connectors for various types of USB ports. It is highly recommended not to choose a charger cable that provides several types of USB port heads that can be disassembled or connectors.

The reason is charging will not be optimal because this connector is only a conductor or conductor that is not connected directly to the core cable in the charger cable.

Another possibility is that the undesired contactor is melting the plastic or rubber parts attached to it due to heat.

If you still want to find a charger cable that provides a connector, then it is strongly recommended to buy a brand that is original or well-known quality

For fast charging features and data transfer speeds, this requires technical testing or direct trials, it would be great if the seller allows you to try it first or with product samples available.

5. Information on packaging and warranty

There are things to keep in mind is the matter of product information on the packaging and warranty available. Just as buying an electronic item is also available with a warranty. For the wrong purchase, make sure you check the information listed on the packaging, make sure the charger cable is compatible with your smartphone.

This also helps you to find out the authenticity of the charger cable that you are buying. At present it is very easy to find fake or poor quality charger cables that attach famous brand names to the packaging and the cable.