Why Gutter Cleaning Can Save Your Home

If it has been a while since you had your gutters looked at, it might be time to call in the professionals. When you employ the services of gutter contractors lake county il, you understand how something that seems so little can have a devastating effect on your home if not properly installed and cleaned.

The first line of home defense.

Although decorative in nature, the right gutters are a first defensive measure against water damage your roof, home foundation and property. Because of their location, many homeowners forget about them and fail to clean them. If your gutter is clogged, it can be severely problematic. This is why its best to go on the offensive and avoid potential damage.

Water damage is a real threat.

When water backs up onto the roof, the structural integrity of the house is compromised. The pitch and slope of the roof encourage water to flow towards the side of the house, but gutters are designed to carry the flow off and away from the house. With garbage and debris in the gutters and preventing a smooth runoff and drain, water backflows onto the roof and creates an opportunity for leaks and erosion. Too much garbage build up can actually cause gutter pipes to crack or break off completely, creating more damage to be addressed. Because fall and winter months have a lot of debris falling from trees, many homeowners choose to have their gutters cleaned in the spring.

It’s not just your roof or siding at risk.

When water drains unevenly around your roof, the backflow will overload other downspouts or pour torrentially from other sides of the roof. The ground below cannot support this heavy draining, and as a result, massive soil erosion can occur around landscaping elements. It also affects your basement and foundation, leaving a circumstance where flooding becomes a concern. Keeping your gutter cleaned protects your whole property.